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Tiger & Bunny Blue Rose Cosplay Photoshoot

If you are unfamiliar with cosplay, this phrase “Tiger & Bunny” the name of an animated TV series in Japan that is also available in the USA on DVD (licensed by a company called Viz Media). Blue Rose is a female character that has been pretty popular in the convention cosplay scene. A friend of a friend wanted to get some photos for a calendar contest that is happening soon, so I went along and helped.

I decided on some older equipment. I had another photoshoot the day after and had already charged the batteries and packed everything up for that. I brought the Pentax K-7, AF-280T flash, and DA 40mm f2.8 XS lens. It was a small yet effective kit that I could easily manage. Another reason for that small kit was because the photo session was in downtown Chicago near the Cloud Gate aka. the “Bean” in Millennium Park. I’ve never been too thrilled with the treatment Chicago gives to photographers, but it worked out well. On a few occasions we ran into people employed by the city and they didn’t do anything negative toward us. I’d imagine if our group were larger we would have had issues.

Here are some highlights of the photo session:

She was pretty popular in Chicago...