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Cantigny Gardens Cosplay Meetup

Before Comic Con, I attended a small meetup at Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton Illinois. It is a large park with a lot of green space, flowering gardens, buildings, a tank park (yes, military tanks), and other various structures.

The equipment used:
Pentax K-01 with the Pentax FA* 85mm f1.4 lens
Pentax K-5 with the Pentax FA* 24mm f2 lens and Sigma flash.

The LCD screen is a lot more vibrant on the K-01, so I had thought I was having issues with the K-5. In retrospect, both sets of photos turned out nice, although I did have a higher percentage of junked photos from the K-5 setup. Mostly from focus errors and not getting settings correct. Properly mixing flash and ambient was somewhat of a pain because lighting conditions were changing from minute to minute. Overall, I’m happy with the results.