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Portable Wireless Flash Tripod Setup

I put together a portable flash setup for a convention coming up. My plans here are to potentially use this as a secondary light source in more detailed photo sessions (assuming I have any). The nice thing about it is the portability and I’m also able to get around a few limitations of the gear being used. All of the items are things I’ve acquired in the past, so there wasn’t any inherent cost to get this going.

Here is my related Youtube video demonstration:

The related video on this setup.

The setup consists of (current prices listed):

Not a bad setup for around $150. Simple and highly mobile, yet effective.

The upper section of the setup:

I use the pouch because the flash trigger does not have a clamp on the bottom shoe. For whatever reason, the bottom shoe also isn’t able to fit into that silver cold shoe I have. Using the pouch and PC Sync to hotshoe adapter is the most foolproof and solid setup I could put together.

The RF trigger half way out of the pouch:

The setup with the tripod legs compacted:

That’s it. I hope you found this helpful!