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RedBull Battlegrounds Detroit 2014

Two friends and I recently attended a gaming tournament that centered around the game StarCraft II. We were only able to attend that Saturday and Sunday, driving all the way from Illinois. StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game that is popular in the professional gaming scene. This is the first gaming tournament I’ve been to and I feel it was worth the trip to try something new and just see what professional gaming is about first hand.


This specific event was connected to the company RedBull that are famous for their energy drinks and sponsoring of non-traditional and extreme sports. The event location was well laid out and the live video production team they had was impressive. From a convention photographer’s perspective, I really enjoyed the high production values of the tournament. I also thought that the event staff I had interacted with were friendly, polite, and helpful when I had questions or needed something. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience for me even though I don’t personally have much of a connection to the game or the StarCraft II scene in general.

I was able to photograph some of the event along with a number of photos of my friend who is really into the StarCraft II scene. His game ID is illestkid if you want to hit him up for a match. Mine is DWW, although I rarely play as of the date on this article.

Here are a few highlight photos from the event (the reoccurring person in the photos is illestkid I had mentioned before):

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If you haven’t seen a professional gaming tournament event before, I’d suggest checking one out. I’d consider attending another one in the future. RedBull did a good job hosting the event, so they are worth checking out.

If you have any questions or comments, message me through here.