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Anime Central 2015 Photos

I attended Anime Central 2015 on May 15th and 16th. I have a few general hallway style photos as well as quite a few from photoshoots.

Photo links:
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Here are a few highlight images from the convention:

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p1193271265-2 p1193075415-2

I tried to stay pretty mobile camera equipment wise as usual with conventions. I brought the Nikon D600, 50mm f1.8g, and two Yongnuo i-TTL flash with wireless triggers. I used the flash quite a bit, mostly when I had helpers to hold them. Lightstands would have been helpful, but it’s added bulk I don’t want to carry around. In the future, I’d like the find something even smaller than those mini-lightstands, but so far I don’t see anything on the market that would fit the bill. I think the photos turned out pretty decent considering the limited equipment and time. I hope everyone who attended ACEN had a fun time.