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2015 Botanic Gardens Cosplay

I attended an event hosted by my convention/photographer/cosplayer friends “Cosplayer With A Camera” and Hikikomori Sama at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. They have had the event there for a number of years, but this might be the last. The garden has some pretty restrictive policies on photography, which makes things difficult for us. This year they tightened the policies even more and we had some aggressive staff on carts show up toward the end of the night. The garden itself is really large and beautiful, which is of course great for the pictures we take.

Here are a few highlight photos from the event:

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p1288553273-2 p1288541795-2

All I brought for the event was the Nikon D600 and 50mm f1.8g lens. It’s a nice combination that allows you do a decent amount without the extra bulk and hassles. Along with that, the overcast skies helped a lot with getting nice photos. Shade and uniform outdoor light are great for simple natural photos that don’t need much editing afterward.