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Canon EF-S 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS STM Review

Here is my Youtube video review:

It’s an ultra-wide lens for APS-C sensor cameras. Under $300 new and even less used. There is a 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 that is also exclusively for APS-C cameras, but it’s around twice the price.

The 35mm film equivalent focal length of this lens is 16-29mm.

Equipment in this video and accessory suggestions for this lens (affiliated):

My photos you can look at on Flickr (100% jpegs unedited):

Physical features:
* 67mm filter thread, which a standard size and nice to have. I use ND filters with this lens when I’m doing videos, so having a wide angle lens with a filter thread is extremely useful.
* It has switches for AF/MF and OIS On/Off.
* Plastic mount, but the benefit is low cost. You can find it even cheaper used, which is what I did.
* 7 aperture blades (demonstrate if possible)
* The focus ring is not mechanically linked. It’s done through and electronic manual focus ring. The ring has no hard stops and will rotate freely in either direction.

Properties of the lens:
* Focuses down to 0.22m or 0.72ft. Is that good? Test this…
* 0.15x magnification at 18mm.

A huge deal with these lenses is the silent and quick auto-focus. I specifically picked up this lens for video work because the kit lens wasn’t wide enough to use comfortably in some situations.

It’s a great vlogging lens with Canon’s cameras like the SL2 that I have. The STM motor in this lens is smooth and quiet.

The not-so-great:
* The plastic mount. Do they really save that much by not using metal?
* The small maximum apertures.
* It’s APS-C only.
* No weather resistance.
* No dedicated aperture ring.
* It doesn’t come with a hood.

The great:
* Optical stabilization that helps in photo and video modes. It’s rated at 4 stops.
* Quiet focusing motor technology is great for video.
* Not a large lens given the wide focal length.
* A low cost wide angle lens.
* It’s simple and effective for its intended purpose.

Overall, I’d say this is a cost effective lens with solid features, especially for people interested in making videos that require or greatly benefit from Canon’s dual-pixel auto-focus to produce.