Camera Settings Tips and Tricks

My Canon EOS M50 Hybrid Camera Settings

Here is a list of my current settings for hybrid work with the Canon EOS M50.

I have a video on Youtube detailing the entire list.

Learn a few tips and tricks with the M50.

Tab 4:
Menu display: Standard
Mode guide: Disable
Feature guide: Disable
I understand the point of these features, but they get in the way. The feature guide is something you might want to use for a few minutes to see any little details Canon mentions about each menu item, but I’d turn it off after a while.

Now I’ll go from left to right in the menus:

Tab 1:
Page 1:
Image quality: RAW.
Depends on your needs. I don’t often want a JPEG.

Image review: Off
I find having image review on not super useful on a mirrorless camera and can actually get disorientating when using the EVF when the review shows up.

Lens aberration correction:
I turn all of these off. It looks like the digital lens optimizer might apply to the RAW, but most should be capable in Canon’s editing software afterward if you decide to do that. If you use JPEG, I’d suggest considering them as they can help to remove irritating optical flaws that would be baked into JPEGs.

Flash control (flash disabled)
This depends on you.

Page 2:
Photo ISO Speed Settings: 100 or auto to 6400. 6400 is really pushing it on this camera, so you might want to lower it.
Video ISO Speed Settings: Max 6400, again that’s really pushing it.
Auto light optimizer: Off
Highlight tone priority: Off

Page 4:
Picture Style: User Def. 1
Neutral, strength 0, fineness 1, threshold 1, contrast 0, saturation -2, color tone 0
I haven’t experimented with this that much. At least for me this applies to video, not photos (considering I don’t use JPEG). The default on digital sharpening is much too strong. I think this will take a lot of effort to experiment with (future video…)

Page 5:
Touch & drag AF settings
Touch & drag AF: Enable
Positioning method: Absolute
Active touch area: Top left
This way of focusing with the EVF is the fastest. I like it and it works well most of the time. I use that absolute position due to how I hold the camera and the easily accessible spot.

Page 6:
I change these settings a lot. Try to assign buttons to some of this.

Page 7:
AF-assist beam firing: Off
MF peaking settings: Peaking On, Level High, Color Red
IS settings: Disable

Page 8:
Sound Recording: Manual
Rec. Level: left side of the graph. Depends on your microphone and other conditions.
Wind filter/attenuator: Disabled
Auto slow shutter: A-SLOW OFF
I change my movie recording settings a lot, but often I use FHD 23.98 IPB

Tab 3:
Page 1:
Wireless communication settings
Nickname: I have my two M50 cameras different names.

Page 2:
Eco mode: I normally leave this off, but there is the potential of better battery life.

Page 3:
Touch control: depends on the situation (standard, sensitive)
Beep: Disable (I turn off all of the sounds)

Page 4:
Screen info. settings (basically default)
Disp. performance: Power saving (depends on what you need)
VF display format: Display 2 (I feel like this format works a bit better with glasses, it might be a bit more efficient for the camera as well)
Display settings: Manual, Screen

Page 5:
Custom Functions:
#1: ISO Expansion = On
#2 Safety Shift = Disable
#3 Release shutter w/o lens = Enable
#4 Retract lens on power off = Enable (default, could be useful sometimes to not do that on the 22 & 32mm)
#5 Custom Controls:
M-Fn = Switch between VF/Screen
Movie button = Depth-of-field preview
Flash button = AF Method
Erase button = AF Operation

My Menu:
Here you can add pages of items you want together. This depends on what you might find convenient.

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