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Chronological Instagram Journey

In the related video, I share my journey of rediscovering my love for photography and sharing my photos on Instagram. Starting with my early photos taken on a 2 megapixel Canon PowerShot ELPH S200 camera, I share the process of digging through old photos and editing them with my current perspective. I also talk about the benefits of sharing my photos on Instagram and the positive response I have received so far. Join me as I embark on this fun and nostalgic photography project. (this video description was mostly made by ChatGPT, lol… I was curious to see if it helps the video increase its reach compared to what I had written.)

This video was posted back in 2017. I also clipped out a good portion of it through YouTube’s editor to make it more concise. Let’s just say the video, up to this point, hasn’t found any success on YouTube. Maybe a website article can help? Anyways…

What the account looks like at the time of posting this article. The latest two posts are not in chronological order, oops! Notice how Meta makes “Ad Tools” prominent. Part of the problem with their platforms is a focus on them making money from creators rather than helping us monetize our creative work… That’s an entire topic onto itself.

I have two methods to post my photos to the platform.

The first method:

  • Edit your photos on the computer.
  • Export as 2048×2048 24-bit PNG files. You can decide on how large you want these to be. Larger should produce higher quality results.
  • Get them on your phone somehow. In my case I use a file sharing service as an intermediary, but sometimes also connect the phone directly to the computer.
  • Get text for the post into your phone. You can type it out on the phone, but I prefer using an online document sharing service like Google Docs or Microsoft OneNote. So I write it up on the computer and then copy/paste it with the phone while posting.
  • The benefit of this method is that you can add filters in the app to the photos.
  • I set my phone’s brightness to 50% and make sure the “reader mode” and “night mode” screen filters are disabled. Those can add a yellow cast to your entire phone screen or wash out the image.
  • Use the official Instagram app to select the photos and paste in the information.

The second method is to use Facebook’s “Creator Studio” website. It offers a mix of Facebook page and Instagram posting as well as maintenance related features on those.
This way is much faster, but it changes often and doesn’t tend to have the same set of features as the app like filters to give images that “Instagram look”. Maybe at least try it out if you are curious, but the app is the most consistent way to post.

A few photos on the account. Square format is an interesting option to focus on.

It’s been a challenge to post to this account consistently. At least in respect to the chronological idea. Hopefully someday I’m able to get to current photography!

There have been a few instances where I post something relevant and current, but I’ve tried to limit that.

Most of the account’s reach these days is coming from Reels. Instagram has shifted their focus to video for better or worse of its users. I make a lot of video content so it’s helped it grow quite a bit in comparison to photos.