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How to get photos from an old or cheap camera to your phone.

I’ve had multiple comments on my videos recently asking me how to get photos from old cameras, or more recent cheaper cameras that don’t support connecting wirelessly to a smartphone. There are various ways to do it, but here I’ll cover the few I tend to use. Here’s a link to the combo USB memory […]

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Can Bing GPT AI Chat help me compare two cameras?

I was planning on making a simple comparison video between the Canon EOS R50 and the Canon EOS M50 Mark II but right before I starting recording I received an e-mail that I gained access to Bing Chat, the new GPT AI natural language website and extensions to the Edge browser. This goal seemed like […]

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DIY Photography Surfaces

I’ve been branching out into creating review videos of various products to see if it makes my overall work viable. Right now the videos are focused on Amazon’s video creator hub (my storefront) but I also upload to YouTube. The company Vera Forma sent me a men’s belt to make a video on. In turn […]