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Guidelines I follow when doing cosplay and convention photography

Here’s a video talking about photography at Anime Central 2023. Midway through the video I talk about guidelines I follow and suggest that people wanting to do photography at conventions also follow. This applies to attendees with smartphones as well as general photographers unfamiliar with convention photography. I’d hope that convention and cosplay photographers already […]

Article Business Content Creator

1/10th of the way there as a video creator for years.

How much does online video and two websites pay a collective viewership of probably a bit over 1 million views/interactions per year? I’m talking all of my YouTube channels, on-site Amazon videos that get commissions, affiliate links I place in descriptions and on my websites. Not bothering to count Instagram and TikTok, but I do […]

Article Camera Shops

Local camera shops, is there still a place?

I heard recently that the owner of my local camera shop is looking to retire. According to this article on Rock River Current he’s soon to be 67 so that makes sense. I wish him well! Tom’s father Bob had purchased Camera Craft in 1966, so for its current run the shop has been in […]