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Local camera shops, is there still a place?

I heard recently that the owner of my local camera shop is looking to retire. According to this article on Rock River Current he’s soon to be 67 so that makes sense. I wish him well! Tom’s father Bob had purchased Camera Craft in 1966, so for its current run the shop has been in […]

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Direction for Canon EF-M after 2021?

Today I’m talking about a possible direction for the Canon EF-M system. While I had the original EOS M camera, I eventually sold that and didn’t get back into EF-M until the Canon EOS M50. Let’s start with more context first. Update 10/2021: Since this article I’ve picked up a used M6 Mark II, which […]

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That was awkward…

Note to self, don’t agree to be an “extra” for a person’s video job that you barely know. The training video extra might turn out to be you being cast as the past abuser in a mock trial. Technically it appeared to be the judge going over having the restraining order released. Writing this out […]