Tech Channel Collaborations

Here are my terms regarding a video I create featuring product(s) you send to me. Videos created are solely owned by me and published to my YouTube channel “TECH, I Suppose” and Amazon Storefront.

A screenshot of Amazon's website of my creator hub influencer page.
A video on my Amazon Creator Hub storefront page.

Here are my collaboration terms that must be agreed to:

  1. If I find a major flaw or defect in the product(s), you can request to have the product(s) returned to you as long as your company pays for return shipping (plus a 100% markup to the final shipping cost due to currency conversion fees, money transfer fees, packaging, and time spent). For example, if the true shipping cost ends up being $25, then the total cost will be $50 to you.
  2. In the case of a flawed product, I will not complete the video of the flawed product(s) unless you want to send replacement(s). I am taking a risk with my time offering you this, but I want to be reasonable to your goal of increasing visibility of your product(s). In the case of replacement(s), that situation will be mentioned in the video. My goal here is to show quality products to my viewers. If the replacement(s) are flawed then the same process applies. I will mention in the video how many replacements were sent to me.
  3. Unless requested by you, the product(s) will stay in my possession after the video is published. If you want the product(s) returned then we can discuss a fee beforehand to offset my production expenses. I will make exceptions, but we need to discuss details beforehand. In addition to my production fee, you will need to pay for shipping with a 100% markup on the final shipping cost due to handling expenses and transfer fees.
  4. This video will not be considered a review, but rather an exploration of your product(s) in my unique style. That said, the video will include my honest opinion of what I find good about the product(s) and what can be improved on. I will mention quirks or issues I ran into while using the product(s).
  5. Any work I produce regarding the product(s) such as videos, photos, and website articles are copyrighted by me. You can share any of my social media posts I make or share the video link with the related thumbnail and teaser text, but you are not allowed to download and re-post my video and/or writings in full on your social media, website, or any other forms of advertisement such as print without my permission.
  6. You are allowed to take a few screengrabs of the video for your own social media posts as long as it links to the original content. You are allowed to use short clips of the video in social media posts as long as it links to the original content.
  7. All of your promotion involving me must directly link to what I produced about the product(s) such as the YouTube video link. You are not allowed to use my likeness to promote your product(s) where I’m being indirectly used to sell them. If you want that level of promotion, such as in a product ambassador role, then please contact me with a proposition.
  8. There is no specific time frame for video production, but usually it takes a month or less. I will keep you updated on progress and will contact you if any issues arise.
  9. In the case that I am incapable of producing a video I will make a reasonable attempt to contact you about returning the product(s), but I can’t give you an absolute guarantee. You will need to pay for return shipping.
  10. When the video is complete, I will notify you that it has been published. I will not take the video down unless I made an important technical/specification mistake. If there is a technical mistake in the video then I will make a reasonable attempt to correct it. I will replace the existing video if needed. This does not include anything regarding my opinion unless it relates to a feature I didn’t understand properly.
  11. The video’s description will include my affiliate links to the product(s) such as on Amazon and other websites depending on where you sell your product(s). I will also link to your website if desired.
  12. There is the potential I will talk to my viewers about the product(s) in the future, for good or bad, depending on how the product(s) hold up over time after the original video. It is in your best interest to send me product(s) you expect to last a long time.
  13. I make a best effort in all of my work, but keep in mind that I ultimately have little control over how popular a video becomes. Some videos turn out to be successful and others do not. I make no guarantees regarding video reach.
  14. I will not take requests regarding video title, thumbnail image, or content in the video. Statements like “The best product(s) for XYZ!” must solely be based on my opinion and not based on suggestions or requests from your company. You can tell me about important features of the product(s) or aspects of the product(s) you are most proud of. I will take that into consideration, but all of it will be based on my discretion and focus on doing what’s best for my audience.