Chicago Comic Con 2011 Video

I compiled a video from the clips that I took Sunday at Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con. Uploaded it to Youtube for your viewing pleasure!

Edit: I removed the old video along with various similar videos. All of those were compiled into one video and placed on my Cosplay/crafting channel instead of the “Photography Banzai” one.

As you can see from this and past videos, I like upbeat fast paced dance style music. I also have been trying to use Creative Commons licensed music to avoid any unwanted headaches.

So I think I improved a bit from my last video in source quality. This time I used my 10-17mm Fisheye lens a lot with the walking around the convention center clips and then I used the 31mm lens for the standard source material. A lot less camera shake, but I still need to keep movement in mind when I’m walking around to further lessen camera shake and abrupt panning movements. Eventually I’d like to move toward more fun directed videos.

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