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I went to Anime Central 2012 (ACEN), photos to come…

I recently went to ACEN 2012. This is my 6th ACEN I’ve attended (first in 2003, skipped 2008-09). If you are unfamiliar with these events, they are Japanese Anime/culture events. They also include other topics like sci-fi media, comics, video games, Internet spawned forms of media, and costuming. I took quite a few photos, but it will take me a while to go through them (potentially a few weeks as … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Sunday Day 3 Photos

I finally finished processing photos. Sunday was a bit easier to get through than Saturday of course. Besides the Prince of Tennis gathering, I just spent my time walking around and taking miscellaneous cosplay photos. So when processing was all said and done it took me around 4 days to post-process 3 days of photos. I had around 20 camera raw setting saves that I selected through, so that I … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Saturday Day 2 Photos

Saturday was probably the biggest day photography wise. A lot of random cosplay photos in the halls as well as the masquerade and fashion show. A few highlight images: Cosplay at Anime conventions encompasses more than just things from Japan. An excellent Master Chief cosplay: I believe this person and a few others were a walking advertisement for a Renaissance fair. Very excellent makeup work and how they never broke … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Friday Day 1 Photos

I’m back from the 3-day Anime convention in Rosemont Illinois. Started processing photos, but it is slow work. I tweak every image by hand in Adobe camera raw and sometimes make a few modifications once the image is opened up in Photoshop. A a few highlight photos from Friday (day 1): As you can see, I forced myself to use the flash in some situations. The Sigma did well considering … Continue reading

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