What if you were in control of the Pentax lens lineup?

While I don’t know if my ideas would be good from a business standpoint, this is how I would set things up. I think having three very well structured and defined tiers would best help users understand what they are buying. The Pentax lineup as it stands at the moment is fragmented with too many naming conventions and no well defined tiers besides the DA* line to everything else.

High Tier (All lenses would be WR):
– Phase out DA* name and downgrade the APS-C only DA* glass such as the 16-50mm 2.8 and 50-135mm 2.8 to the middle tier (Other DA* are OK in FF!). Do not use the * (star) designator anymore. People outside of the Pentax realm usually seem to have no idea how to pronounce the “*” symbol…
– Take FA capable DA* lenses and call them D-FA SDM WR Limited. Make sure there is a full range of D-FA SDM Limited zooms available for advanced users.
– Take the FA Limiteds and DA Limiteds that are FA capable and make them WR. Call them D-FA WR Limited.
– All must include weather resistance (WR), quick-shift, metal lens mount, and hood.
– Lenses would mostly be internal focus, and preferably internal zooming to allow for better weather resistance.
– High-end materials and craftsmanship only.
– SDM lenses in this tier will have strong, fast, and reliable motor systems only.
– Premium product with a similarly premium price.

Lenses must be named with:
** D-FA SDM WR Limited ** (FF)
** D-FA WR Limited ** (FF)


Middle Tier (All lenses would be WR):
– Get more D-FA WR lenses out the door. Use classic designs that were well regarded and give them the same treatment as the 100mm WR Macro basically. Keep them under the price range of D-FA (SDM) Limiteds in the top tier.
– Move FA capable DA Limited designs to the high tier as defined above. Cheapen APS-C only limiteds to the level of the 100mm WR Macro, but add WR ability.
– Mid range zoom lenses like the new 18-135mm WR lens, however these should be fixed F4 or faster unless the type of lens warrants a slower aperture, otherwise they should be in the lower tier.
– All must include weather resistance (WR), quick-shift, metal lens mount, and hood.

Lenses must be named with:
** D-FA WR ** (FF)
** DA WR ** (APS-C)
** DA SDM WR ** (APS-C)


Low Tier:
– Call all lenses in this range DA-L allowing users to know exactly what they are getting.
– I think the new 35mm f2.4 prime fits perfectly in this tier. The specifications and price are just as I would define them.
– Plastic body and lens mount.
– Cheap in overall price, yet decent optics if possible.
– APS-C coverage only.
– Phase out all lenses like the non-WR 18-55mm.
– Screwdrive or DC motor, whichever is cheaper to manufacture.
– No weather resistance.

Lenses must be named with:
** DA-L ** (APS-C)