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I applaud Pentax Engineers and Programmers…

Dx0 mark released their data on the D7000 recently. Comparing the K-5 we see that…

The K-5 comes out on top in most of the tests. Pentax has some fine programmers and engineers for sure given they were working with pretty much the same physical sensor as the Nikon camp was.

Overall score: +2 points
Portrait color depth: +0.2 bits
Landscape dynamic range: +0.2 Evs
Sports Low ISO: -5 ISO

The interesting thing to note that Pentax was able to stretch the usable ISO range to 80-51200, whereas the Nikon has 100-25,600. It also managed to get an additional 1 FPS in speed out of the sensor. Of course, both cameras gave a strong showing, so it’s good for both camps that the new Sony sensor is a strong performer.