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The Exposure Triangle

This was partly taken from my most recent book titled: “The Handbook of Photographing Arizona,” but I just made a Youtube video to supplement the information. I want to do a lot more learning and tutorial based videos in the future! Let’s take a look at the exposure triangle. The video on Youtube: The exposure […]

News Opinion

I applaud Pentax Engineers and Programmers…

Dx0 mark released their data on the D7000 recently. Comparing the K-5 we see that… The K-5 comes out on top in most of the tests. Pentax has some fine programmers and engineers for sure given they were working with pretty much the same physical sensor as the Nikon camp was. Overall score: +2 points […]

Article General

Experiment Revised: Do older wide aperture lenses have issues with CMOS cameras?

Here is a link to my first article as well as the reason I’m doing the test. Thanks to a good tip from a user at a forum I frequent, I decided to test with just the FA 50mm f1.4 lens on both bodies. The difference this time is that I covered the data connections […]