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Cruise Day 5: St Martin And The Ship.

On day 4, I didn’t take any photos which is why I’m skipping it. For day 5 we arrived at our first port of call. It’s an island called St. Martin / Sint Maarten that is located in the Caribbean sea (coordinates 18°01’N 63°03’W).

The highlight of the trip was a tour of our island by an American expatriate named Jose “Pacman” Jean. Look him up if you are interested in a fun tour. Most of the images below were taken on the tour bus or at points were we stopped.

You can check out Jose’s new business called Double The Fun Tours on Facebook and also on his website (Edit: 10/2016).

One of my favorite images from the tour. Taken with the DA 50-200mm WR lens in a bus through the window. The iguana was bobbing its head up and down as it was trying to communicate something to us.

The sea water is an amazing color in the Caribbean:

I love the look of boats that still use sails:

Most of the markets and shops sell the same stuff:

I think I preferred the feel of the French side of the island:

Back on the ship: