General Nature Photography

Field Hunting in Wisconsin

I went hunting with my friends again recently, but this time it was field hunting. As you know I “hunt” with my camera, but honestly it’s pretty equivalent to what my friends are doing. There is always something interesting to photograph. I look for scenes that spark something in my mind at the moment. It could be the qualities of an object or the overall look and feel of a place. Anything is fair game.

The tree was alone for the most part and felt like a good subject. Lighting was interesting at the moment.

These ducks were hiding out and were rustled when I approached. I managed to get 5 or so images even from the abrupt surprise.

It’s all in the little details. I just love how the ice was so clear and the arrangement of the stalks.

I took quite a few photos of framed flora. It’s funny how some branches really appeal to the eye compared to others:

Having people in a shot is a great way to provide scale, interest, or action to a photo:

Tightly framed images can be interesting in many ways. People might wonder what something is and spend a moment analyzing the image.

This is a crack in weak ice created by a shoe.

Taking images in the thick of a forest in the winter is quite challenging. Usually images are extremely busy.