Video Test: High Speed To Music

I finally got around to editing a 5 minute clip of the last convention I went to (the 2011 c2e2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo). My intent here was to make something high-energy, so I found a fun high BPM song on called Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask) by 7OOP3D. The final video ended up being only around 1 minute 30 seconds because I sped up the footage quite a bit. The software I used was a NLE called Kdenlive.

I removed all of my music videos from the photo/video channel and created a complication. Some of the videos are not the same due to music changes.

The blur was somewhat intentional, or at least I expected to get a result like that. I was using the 31mm f1.8 at a large aperture and I guessed as to the focus. Eventually, I’d like to make my own music to go along with the videos I take, but that is way off in the future most likely. I tried making a “beat” today with some Linux software (Rosegarden) and a Casio LK-270 I bought a few years ago, but only ended up with a few one instrument clips of “pseudo-beats.”