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Pentax At It Again (Colored Cameras)

This is of course a Japan exclusive, but it was recently announced that Pentax will be coming out with even more color combinations for their entry level camera, the K-r.

Here is the press-release in Japanese:

What I find most interesting here is that two of the cameras would be pretty decent in field situations as they would naturally fit within the surroundings. Especially the brown and camouflage one as seen below:

Obviously, Pentax isn’t targeting outdoor people with this release, but they seriously could do that with a few modifications.

1. Make a weather resistant version of the K-r.
2. Make the body finish matte brown instead of glossy.
3. Make the Pentax logo and other white text black instead.
4. Make a weather-resistant camouflage (or matte brown) version of the Pentax DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED lens to go along with the body.
5. Attempt to quiet down the K-r shutter and mirror slap sounds.

That would be a perfect field camera out of the box! It would be small, light weight, functional, dependable, and a natural fit for outdoors animal photography.