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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Friday Day 1 Photos

I’m back from the 3-day Anime convention in Rosemont Illinois. Started processing photos, but it is slow work. I tweak every image by hand in Adobe camera raw and sometimes make a few modifications once the image is opened up in Photoshop.

A a few highlight photos from Friday (day 1):

As you can see, I forced myself to use the flash in some situations. The Sigma did well considering I was having issues with it in the past. Used Av mode and HHS enabled on the flash, but I controlled both the aperture and ISO. If I let the camera control the ISO it does screwy things, so I just set it to 80 outdoors and a mixture of higher ISO indoors unless I want dark backgrounds from light fall-off. For this type of work I don’t need to control the shutter speed, so I prefer letting the camera do that.

Day 2 (Saturday) and day 3 (Sunday) will be coming in the future.