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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Saturday Day 2 Photos

Saturday was probably the biggest day photography wise. A lot of random cosplay photos in the halls as well as the masquerade and fashion show.

A few highlight images:
Cosplay at Anime conventions encompasses more than just things from Japan. An excellent Master Chief cosplay:

I believe this person and a few others were a walking advertisement for a Renaissance fair. Very excellent makeup work and how they never broke character:

Angle is sometimes important when trying to minimize busy backgrounds:

A finely tailored cosplay:

A shot of the masquerade event:

All event shots like this and the fashion show were taken with the Pentax 50-200mm WR lens on the K-5. It’s surprising how sharp the lens is at 200mm f5.6 considering how relatively cheap it is. That combo is surprisingly strong for events like that thanks to the high ISO capability and fast auto-focus of the K-5 camera body.

I really liked how the framing in this image turned out:

I really like the feel of movement and action in this photo:

Anime conventions now have a wide range of events such as this fashion show:

Some models such as this one were kind enough to give the side sections of the event hall face time.