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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Sunday Day 3 Photos

I finally finished processing photos. Sunday was a bit easier to get through than Saturday of course. Besides the Prince of Tennis gathering, I just spent my time walking around and taking miscellaneous cosplay photos. So when processing was all said and done it took me around 4 days to post-process 3 days of photos. I had around 20 camera raw setting saves that I selected through, so that I could give my photos this year a common natural yet vibrant feel to them (I did hand tweak images that didn’t fit in those sets). While some of the images might feel a bit bright or over exposed (depending on your monitor, I have an ViewSonic VP2365wb E-IPS based LCD monitor set to give me true colors), that was the direction I was going and how I perceived events. It’s primarily a style choice on my part. Clean vibrancy.

Some highlight images of the day:
My final cosplay of the day, a Jedi Ninja Turtle. What a perfect way to end the event for me as I am an avid fan on Ninja Turtles:

Sitting outside on a stone wall were 4 ladies. What a perfect opportunity to get some great shoulder level portraits. Here is one of them:

I really like how the wind was a benefit to this shot rather than a hindrance.

Another renaissance fair performer doing her thing:

Excellent craftsmanship on this costume (Onion Knight):

What a great cosplayer. He actually wanted to take my photo after I asked for his:

This is from the Anime called Code Geass:

Moving forward I have a lot to work on.
– Learn the math behind depth of field so I don’t just select a random aperture that I consider safe for the situation. Often, group shots require a small aperture. I’d like the be able to maximize background blur yet still have everyone in the group in focus. I did better at this year’s ACEN than the previous convention I went to (c2e2), so that’s good there is some improvement.
– Improve my skills with external flash.
– Take more video.
– Take more consideration of framing/composition, lighting, color/contrast, and all related photography factors as usual. This is a never ending battle of which I’m ready and willing! These aspects are what make a great photographer actually great.

Overall, I’m happy with the work. Thanks to all of the cosplayers willing to spend a few moments with me so I could create something memorable for them.