Photography Practice and Testing

100mm f2.8 Macro and 10-17mm Fisheye Practice

Today I went out to a local park for the nice weather and to get some practice. This time I used two lenses that don’t get as much usage as some of my others. The 100mm f2.8 Macro and 10-17mm Fisheye lenses.

Here are a few photos:

A small photo can’t do justice to just how sharp that photo is at 100% detail. It was taken with the 100mm f2.8 macro lens.

The K-5 and 100mm lens can achieve high vibrancy:

A nice flat field:

Bokeh is great with this lens:

If you are looking for a lens to create epic feeling images, the 10-17mm Fisheye should be a contender:

The 10-17 would be useful for unique one-man videos:

The 10-17 has the ability to focus very close:

I’m a sucker for photos like this:

Not your normal architecture lens: