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ACEN 2011 Photo Bombers

In case you haven’t heard of the term, A photo bomb happens when someone in the background intentionally looks at the camera, or even makes a funny face to seemingly ruin a photograph. In my mind I think they are pretty amusing and the photos have a value all there own. Well, that is of course all within reason. Too much or not going away, so I can eventually get a quality shot of my subject is irritating. Below I’ll show you the best bombers I had for this years Anime Central convention.

This guy knows how to photo bomb. He first started with a peace sign, but then moved up to a full face bomb. The reason he was successful was because he was close enough to the subject that his features were not obscured in blur. I think it was one of Batman’s friends…

The next guy gave a great effort, so much so that I got irritated after a while and said “Dude, please!” He promptly left after that. Stick to your guns, but make it short and sweet. The photo bomb wasn’t successful because he was making the bomb too obvious. His mask ended up being obscured by background blur making it look like he was just walking past in the background. I wasn’t using a flash, so I guess he couldn’t figure out when I had taken a photo. Had I taken a photo early on it would have looked like a good bomb, but much too obvious without that surprise feel to it.

This one I only vaguely remember the guy being there, so I’d say it was successful. More-so because he is making a goofy face and oddly reminds me of Ken from the Street Fighter games for some reason.

I’m sure this one is an unintentional photo bomb, but it really works because of her funny facial expression. I suspect she is having her photo taken by someone off to the left because she is holding her shirt taut.

This last one the guy must have been like… “Yeah, I’ll photo bomb this because I’m, just sitting here and have nothing better to do at the moment!” I always take a few frame to avoid people blinking and the previous frames his face isn’t visible. Well played!

Funny stuff for sure. So as I was saying I do find it amusing, but it does get old if the bomber won’t go away after a few seconds. Choose your moment wisely and make it quick. Think like a ninja.