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2011 rockfordfirst Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show Photos

I attended a vehicle show at a local church called rockfordfirst today. Every year they have a vehicle show that includes contests, food, music, and events for all ages. It’s nice idea that gives the local community something to do on a weekend and is a positive event all around. So I of course brought my K-7 and DA 14mm f2.8 lens to take some photos of the vehicles on display.

There was a nice selection of vehicles at the event. From the new to the old. The shinny to the rusted. Pretty much every style you could think of off hand was represented.

Some highlight images of the event:
A Nissan GT-R:

The highlight of the event for me was the GT-R, which is a halo car for Nissan. All wheel drive, turbocharged, computer controlled, and stock at around 500 hp. I’m not sure I’d personally want one, but it is an impressive car for sure. It has many similar aspects to my favorite car at the moment, the current model Mitsubishi Evolution SE.

An amphibious car:

The rare car that was able to drive in water. I had seen this featured on the History Channel before and was happy to see it in person.

I believe this motorcycle is a homage to the US Air-force Thunderbirds:

The lone car at the show with hydraulics:

A Tweety styled truck:

An older model Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution:

A cute little MG roadster style car: