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Digital Rev Contest Parody Entry (Leicatax digicam)

If you don’t know, Digital Rev TV is a popular Youtube channel and website that have unique photography related videos. They do goofy things like painting DSLRs from Nikon pink and take new gear out frequently to do theatrical candid sessions or photographing action shots (fighters sparing) with a manual focus micro 4/3rds setup. Just recently they started a contest to find the “Internet’s most talented photographer,” which I though was pretty funny. I didn’t want to enter, because I can’t really imagine what they have in store for the contestants (or can’t afford the taxes on winnings), but I thought a nice parody video would be fun to make.

First, let’s start off by giving some background.

Here is one example of their work (link):

They also have a few others like this one, this, and that (notice my theme…).

So I do watch their videos occasionally and see a common theme. They like to make fun of Pentax (and mostly everything else). As I thought payback is fair play I’d make a little parody video to joke on Kai’s brand of choice, the camera religion that is Leica:

2018 Edit: For whatever reason I eventually deleted the video. Sorry! I’ve been cleaning up the site and noticed this dead video link. Another interesting thing about how things change is that Lok and Kai eventually left Digital Rev. They started their own Youtube channels and appear to have found some success. Especially Kai with a large subscriber base already.

Disclaimer: No Leica’s were hurt during the filming of this video. Sure, they make some amazing equipment like the M9, but I think that maybe the brand name is a little too important to some photographers. Spending and extra $400 for a digicam that has basically different processing code inside because of the name brand stamped on the camera is pushing the boundary of logic. The Leica D-LUX 5 and Panasonic LX5 is a prime example of what I was talking about in the video.

What are some of your thoughts on the subject of photography talent and gear name branding?