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Open Letter to Ricoh

As I’m a believer in going to the source to make sure things go well, I just sent a general inquiry email to Ricoh Japan. For people who are actually good at Japanese, pardon my low quality letter. I think it good enough to get my point across though. If you see odd squares and such below in my letter to Ricoh, that means your computer can’t display Japanese because the proper fonts and/or system data isn’t installed.

はじめまして、 スコットです。
メッセージはアメリカから。  RICOHは日本の会社です、そして日本語を書きました。 少しが分かります。 すみません。  私は頑張ります。

This message is from America. Ricoh is a Japanese company, so I wanted to write in Japanese. I only understand a little. Excuse me. I’ll keep trying.

RICOHのPENTAX買収のニュースを見ました。  良いニュースですね!  RICOHは古いKーMOUNTレンズを作りました。  GRーDIGITALも良いカメラ見たいと思います。

I saw Ricoh’s pentax acquisition news. It’s good news isn’t it! Ricoh made old K-mount lenses. The GR-Digital is also a nice camera I think.

私はPENTAXユーザーです。 「*IST DS」カメラから。 (K10D、Kー7、Kー5も)。  そして、ペンタックス機器は重要な物です。 Kー7とkー5は素晴らしいカメラ本体と思います。 とても小型で強力がありますよ。  645Dも素敵、しかし高いですね。 笑

I am a Pentax user. From the *ist DS camera. (also K10D, K-7, K-5). Therefore, Pentax tools are an important thing. K-7 and K-5 are wonderful cameras bodies I think. very small but powerful. The 645D is also wonderful, but expensive (laugh).

ー 小さい(比較的)
ー 質の構造 (金属ケーシングとか)
ー 品質の光学 (特にプライムレンズ)
ー WR(耐候性)
ー SR(抵抗を振る)
ー FA 31mm Limited, FA 43mm Limited, FA 77mm Limitedレンズはとてもペンタックスの資質と思います。  FA 31mmを買いました、けどまだまだ43と77を買いました。  ペンタックスの専門はレンズなんです。
ー 35mmフルフレーム興味があります。  しかし、小さい35mmフルフレーム(比較的)ください。

Pentax’s nature:
– small (comparative)
– quality construction (metal casing for example)
– quality optics (especially prime lenses)
– WR (weather resistance)
– SR (shake reduction)
– FA 31mm Limited, FA 43mm Limited, FA 77mm Limited lenses are especially Pentax’s nature I think. I bought a 31mm, but I have yet to buy the 43 and 77. Pentax’s specialty is assuredly lenses.
– I have an interest in 35mm full-frame, however please make it comparatively small.

ペンタックスの将来は重要と思います。  よろしくおねがいします!

Pentax’s future is important I think. Please treat me well!
(press release guarantee is good I think… such as 35mm SLR and lenses)


(my photography site, sorry only English)

That was pretty fun! I haven’t written much Japanese in a while, so I’m glad for the practice. Hopefully that message will be viewed by someone with the power to make decisions about Pentax’s future, and it at least gives them point of view on their new customers. I want to make sure the tools I use stay available and improve over time.

Here is the response I received:
I also sent an email to Ricoh Japan and received this response. I didn’t tell me anything but that they respond quickly….

—– —– 様
株式会社リコーお客様相談センターの ——– と申します。
From the public company Ricoh customer consultation center, my name is ——-.

Every time an inquiry is received, thank you.

Also, thank you for words of encouragement.

As yet, details are not available, customer expectations for products will be met with a great effort I think.

From now on, please also treat us well (response to my same sentence).

Nothing of any use in saying what their direction will be, but at least it shows they respond quickly to requests.