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Soycon 2011 Photos & Video

I spent the weekend with a friend at Soycon taking photos. This is dubbed a “cosplay gathering” where a large group of people meetup for events and photography.

Edit: I removed the old video along with various similar videos. All of those were compiled into one video and placed on my Cosplay/crafting channel instead of the “Photography Banzai” one.

A few highlight images:

From a photography standpoint I did have a few issues. My newer camera, the K-5, is being fixed (It looks like I feel compelled to mention that in every single posting until I get it back…), so I had to use the older K-7. That meant less dynamic range, poor high ISO, and fewer megapixels. For whatever reason the camera seems to back-focus at around 10 feet away from my subject, which isn’t something I remember happening in the past. I noticed a hint of it with the 55mm f1.4 when I looked at those model shots I took a few days ago, but on Saturday when I used my 31mm f1.8 lens it was more consistent at showing the problem.

So whenever I took a full-body shot of someone with the 31mm, there was a good chance the camera/lens would back focus enough that the photo was unusable. I’ll eventually have to do some research and testing to see if I can correct that without causing close focusing issues as those were always spot-on with large apertures. I noticed the 40mm I used on Sunday did it as well, but to a lesser degree and not as frequently. I need to find a good EXIF viewer for Linux so I can figure out when the issue happens exactly.