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Anime Midwest 2011 Photos

This weekend a friend and I went to a first-run convention called “Anime Midwest.” It’s one of many small conventions that a group of people have been running around this area for the last few months. It has a very different feel than something like Anime Central (23,000 guests this year). With anime convention, more is better in my book.

Some highlight images:

On Friday and Saturday I was using the K-7 with the 14mm f2.8 lens. I had used the 14mm f2.8 at AMKE this year, but without a flash like this time. My goal was to make images with light falloff as an alternative to small depth of field photography (I still ended up adding some fill light in post processing to some images). Lately I’ve been having focus issues with the K-7, so I was suffering from that a bit even with the wide angle lens. This was probably due to a setting reset I did a while back that cleared out existing fixes. On Saturday night I tried making micro adjustments with most of my lenses, but found out Sunday with the lens I brought (the 31mm f1.8) at the convention that I didn’t do it right. I fixed that in the field and was golden after that. It’s funny how doing a few focus tests on objects around me resulted in better focus than using a focus chart at home to get it what I thought was perfect.