Conventions Photography

Otakon 2011 Friday Photos

Finished going through the Friday photos. This is the first time I’ve taken so many photos on a convention Friday. It’s nice arriving Thursday so that Friday can be a full convention day.

Here are some highlight images:

As you can see I started using the 85mm f1.4 lens for gathering photos. It’s kind of a cop-out to asking each individual cosplayer for photos, but I still think some of the photos turned out really nice. Basically at the gathering I just try to take a photo focusing on each person in the group photo rather than getting one big photo of everyone (mostly because of the lens focal length…).

I experimented with using the 85mm lens in hallway photos, but there were a few issues. Mostly such a tight focal length made things difficult and I was having flare issues at times with strong back-lights.