Otakon 2011 Videographer Acksonl

So I was wondering around on Sunday and noticed a large break dance competition at Otakon on Sunday. It looks like it was orchestrated for a video of a new, yet already well known, Canadian videographer nicknamed “Acksonl” (aka. Ackson’s Creatives) on Youtube. His work is popular enough that I noticed quite a few mimics with similar setups circling around cosplayers at the convention. So anyways, I hung around for a while and took some photos and videos of the competition.

In his second video of the convention at 3:15, I was taking a photo of one of the break dancers with the K-7 and 85mm f1.4 lens:

Clicking on the picture will take you to his Youtube video:

The photo on the left was the closest one to what I took at that period in time. The second is the videographer with his large Steadicam setup. His videos are pretty amusing overall. He has a good style and choice in music, which I think is a big reason he is so popular.