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Almost a year (Website Stats)

It’s getting close to October. That was the month I started this site last year. While I’ve had a few different photography sites over the years, this one has been the largest by far in content and page visits. I thought it would be fun to show some stats about the site from October 23rd 2010 – August 2011, so basically 11 months of information from Google Analytics to go through.

The site was linked up with Google Analytics on October 23rd 2010 and I have the stats spanning from then until today (August 26th 2011). The statistics through my webhost are a lot higher, but that’s due to Google filtering out all of the extras like search engine bots and anyone who opts out of Google Analytics (yeah, it is possible to opt-out).

Visits: 17,279
Absolute Unique Visits: 13,987
Page Views: 26,765

Here is a graph of daily visits:

The two large spikes were Otakon 2011 and Chicago Comic Con 2011.

Showing the monthly stats shows a significant improvement most months. Without large conventions like Otakon, I think the next few months will be lower though:

People generally look at 1.55 pages per visit. Compared to my second most popular site (a programming blog), 1.55 is quite a bit better.

Referral sites break down like this:
– Google is well above others at 53%, but that doesn’t include Foreign versions like, so I’d say around 53-65% come directly from Google. That’s really funny how much of the Internet Google basically controls.
– A direct visit to the site by typing in the domain address. That’s 13.51%, so the next closest to Google is just a small percent.
– at 7.16%
– at 3.7%
–,,, and yahoo are the next up with around 1.3% each.

Keywords are always fun to look at. They get logged into Google Analytics when a person visits a site like Google or Yahoo when people click through to a search result.

This is a little tricker to show what were the most popular terms because people generally word things slightly different, so they can’t be matched up.

– “best canon dslr for video” 327 visits. This tells me I should start doing stuff with Canon SLRs to increase the visibility of my site…
– “pentax astrotracker” with 104 visits. A surprising result there, so it should be interesting how that add-on does for Pentax with such a popular search term.
– “otakon 2011 pictures” 69 visits. This one had many different variations to the search term, so probably a few hundred found my site through Google looking for Otakon photos.
– “kenko pz-af 1.5x teleplus shq” with 65 visits. I have one or two articles on this out of production teleconverter that works with Pentax screw-drive and SDM lenses.
– “pentax full frame” with 63 visits. Pentax, are you listening to what your customers are interested in? Pentax full-frame seems pretty popular…
– “pentax 100mm wr review mtr” with 52 visits. Another full-frame search result. The lens is nice, so I’m not surprised. I could use an AF limiter to be even more versatile though.
– “swiss army camera bag” with 51 visits. This one also had a ton of variations to it. It’s a bag I bought from Best Buy and reviewed. Nice bag for the price.

Where are my visitors from? (of 17,282 visits)
United States – 7730
Canada – 1212
United Kingdom – 1016
Australia – 596
Germany – 589
Italy – 403
Netherlands – 376
France – 367
Singapore – 311

The last stat of the day will be the most popular pages:
– The index page with 2396 page views.

So that tells me I should spend more time writing reviews of camera gear. However, Otakon was a big convention for a large number of page views in a short amount of time.

Thanks to everyone who spend some time on my site. Check my contact page if you would like to send me an email. Hopefully you have found the site informational and interesting!