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Pentax Upgrade Q&A: K-x to K-7 or K-5 Question

Here is another question I received recently:

I just wanted your opinion on k-5.
Does it really warrant an upgrade from K-x?
Should I try K-7 before breaking bank to upgrade to K-5?

I’d say skip the K-7. The sensor in the K-7 has poor high-ISO capabilities. I like the camera and it has been my most used and dependable SLR ever, but I know the faults and work around them. I think the K-x’s sensor is technically better than the one in the K-7. Everything else about the camera I’d give to the K-7.

There would be a pretty big difference from the K-5 to K-x. My first suggestion would be to handle one if you can. See if there are any mom & pop camera shops in your area that sell Pentax SLRs. I think the K-5 might go down in price more in the coming months as all of the new camera releases are announced. That recent K-5 rebate is a decent price reduction, but wasn’t really that much compared to the going rate a week ago.

A few differences:
– AF indicator lights in the viewfinder.
– AF micro adjustments (global/per lens)
– The best dynamic range out there at the moment for APS-C.
– Very good high-ISO
– Fast focusing and high FPS (7)
– A lot more buttons, top LCD, two control dials, etc…
– WR (weather resistance)
– Magnesium alloy construction (excluding a few things like the back plate)
– 5 custom USER modes.

When it comes down to it, will it make your images better? Probably not much from a technical perspective, but things like getting AF perfect for every lens and the added ergonomic/control benefits are serious in my opinion.