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What to expect from Pentax in a few months?

Fall is usually a time for new camera announcements. Just recently Pentax France showed a promo PDF that hinted at a new camera body besides the Q and 645D. They have since modified the PDF and removed the hint, but it’s interesting at least. If you frequent, you will know a debate on Pentax Full-frame comes up every so often. As I’m a person who feels I could benefit from Pentax FF, I usually post at least one message stating my reasons. This time, the discussion started with a pretty strong argument for full-frame.

I agree that for Pentax to get back the popularity they had in their heyday, they should have at least one camera for each audience. We see that they are expanding their offerings after cutting back a bit on 35mm. They now have three digital systems (K, 645, and Q), so they are trying to increase their general appeal. Recent 35mm lens releases have been pretty yawn inducing from an enthusiast point of view. I wonder if it was because they were working on 645/Q or are they doing something for 35mm?

What I’d like about a Pentax FF camera:
– Large optical viewfinder (easier manual focus, easier to compose photos with glasses, etc)
– More usage out of my lens with a crop and no crop body.
– Depth of field considerations.
– Wide angle considerations.
– Various technical benefits like better high ISO if it turns out like that, otherwise this aspect is an afterthought for me.
– I would use both APS-C and FF camera bodies depending on the situation.
– All signs point to Pentax releasing small yet powerful cameras, so I would expect a Pentax FF to be the same.
– They made the D-FA 100mm f2.8 WR Macro lens. I’d like them to expand that line of lenses.
– Pentax users are open to primes, which we already have in FF.

Pentax has the K-5, which is more of an enthusiast camera that a straight pro one. They also have the 645D that is considered a pro camera, but it seems like a luxury field camera to me. I see a gaping hole between the K-5 and 645D for additional camera(s). The K-5 is a strong contender, especially if it is priced around the D7000. Take a step up from there and that is where I would put Pentax FF.

It would be pretty nice for users if Pentax offered a K-r Super, K-5 Super, and K-3 full-frame camera in the next iteration. Is it time to offer your Pentax lens fans something more? I think it is…