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Back from my trip to Arizona.

Last week I spent a full 7 days in Arizona visiting my aunt and uncle. There was a big focus on photography as my uncle and I had a few ideas we want to try out that require great images of the area. I’ll be going into more detail in the future about those ideas, but until then here is a photo my uncle took of me at the Grand Canyon (south rim).

Me holding a Pentax K-7 and 55mm f1.4 lens:

The photo was taken with my K-5 and 14mm f2.8 lens (I was dual wielding camera bodies most of the trip). I had the camera setup as usual in USER mode (P + MTF mode) and he framed and took the photo. Very nicely done if I do say so…

To my knowledge he has no schooling in photography and only has shown some basic interest in it, but more since our talk about our mutual project. Although he did mention owning a Minolta SLR in the past, so I could be wrong. Right now he is using a small 6 mega-pixel Nikon digicam as his main camera. I really like the photo because he naturally placed me in the left third of the photo to emphasize the scenic background.

Fun times. Look forward to a lot more photos of Arizona and some talk about projects once I have time to process and work on it.