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Local Photographer Group Meetup

There was a local photographers meetup that I attended recently. A generous member of the Facebook group offered up a place and had a bonfire setup.

Here are some highlight photos:

It looks like my camera (Pentax K-5) and lens (FA 31mm f1.8) combo were having front focusing issues throughout the event. The camera body was sent away for two rounds of warranty service a while back and I didn’t have a chance to check focus with that lens yet. Next time, I’ll be sure to see if a combo needs AF micro adjustments before using it… Large aperture lenses used at a large aperture need spot-on focus for proper composition, so even just a few inches of front or back focus can ruin an image. I used the 55mm f1.4 and 14mm f2.8 with the K-5 in Arizona without any issues, but I checked those before the trip.