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News: Impress Japan Camera Manufacturer Interviews

Impress Japan had an interview with many of the Japanese camera manufacturers and I thought I’d talk about that with some opinion included.

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My news and opinion in video format on Youtube:

The full interview in Japanese:

Companies in the interview:
Pentax, Ricoh, Canon Fujifilm, Nikon, Sigma, and Sony.

Points of interest:
Eventual E-5 SLR replacement.

Interested in small cameras, but not necessarily ones with interchangeable lenses. Has a focus on sensor sensitivity rather than mega-pixels (just look at the 1D X with its 18MP).

DP series additions coming. Mirror-less format lenses coming.

Smaller e-mount lenses to better fit their mirror-less cameras. Talk of electronic shutters.

Replacements for the D3 and D700 coming. Compacts should have a focus on ergonomics and control to have more benefit over cell phone cameras.

Focus on high-end compacts like the x100 and x10. Improvements in AF speed coming. Offering a mirror-less camera with better image quality than full-frame (somehow…?).

100% viewfinders in the entire SLR range. Focus on high image quality with further reductions in size (I assume like their K-7/K-5 series did compared to the K10/K20D series). Hints at the possibility of mirror-less cameras with full-frame and medium format sensors. He thinks that cheaper SLRs will eventually be replaced by mirror-less cameras for various reasons.

GXR Pentax mount module. I thought that would be a good idea here. More zoom lens modules for GXR. A dedicated black & white compact camera.

Those are some interesting possibilities!