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The Pentax K-01 guessing game…

EDIT, my opinion of the camera here:

In about 24 hours, we will find out what this new Pentax K-01 is all about. Until then, I’ve been trying to figure out what it might be like. You have tons of information on Pentax Forums. As well as places like here (Club Snap) and here.

From Club Snap:
They say that the only viewfinder is the 3 inch LCD as the K-5 and that the body design should be rugged.
-“The camera body is compact and trim whilst preserving all the functions of a professional camera.”
-“The materials convey quality and honesty.”
-“Machined aluminum and rubber provide user with a tactile and durable piece of technology.”

I’ll give it a +1 for mentioning professional camera and +1 for aluminum body. Maybe this will be to Pentax what the iPhone was to Apple?
EDIT: It looks like the body casing is plastic, which is a negative in my opinion. I find it odd why Pentax doesn’t mention this.

I could see this as a decent sidekick to the K-5 considering I “dual wield” two camera bodies with prime lenses often at events. Assuming it does have more control in video mode (no I don’t mean physical controls, I mean ISO and shutter speed manual control at least).

Here is my best guess so far on the camera:
– Basically a semi-downgraded K-5. It seems smart on various levels. They have more volume on parts and use existing technical assets. The K-5 specs are still solid.
– Lacks a viewfinder and magnesium alloy casing, but uses Aluminum that is more appealing than plastic for sure.
– Might have weather sealing…
– Keeps SR, K-mount, great 16mp sensor, speed of the K-5 (buffer, etc).
– Improves live-view focus speed and adds focus options for quicker area selection. Also improves on other things like video mode. Various firmware improvements.

What worries me is the 1/4000th maximum shutter speed mentioned in the rumors. If it is a minimal K-5, then it should have 1/8000th…. and if it did have 1/8000 it’s already better than ALL mirrorless I care to look at out there at the moment. NEX-7… 1/4000th… Fuji PRO 1/4000th… etc. 1/8000th IS important with fast lenses outdoors when I want to maximize background blur. I don’t see any reason they couldn’t use the K-5 shutter unless they wanted to go cheap or go completely electronic.

EDIT: Update found here.
Focus peaking, nice.
Shutter max 1/4000th…ugh
1080p at 30fps, 720p 60fps Also has h.264… Sounds good.
6fps (more than sufficient)
ISO range…100-25,600 doesn’t show 80 or 51200, probably still in there considering those are an option to enable on the K-5.
Has an “aluminum frame” but doesn’t mention exterior material.
No mention of a viewfinder as expected…