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Android: DSLRNinja Rate My Picture Game!

I was planning this application since I made the histogram one. Actually, my initial idea was to make a “histogram game” where the user would find out if their photo histogram was considered “good” by the software. I had some of the app written by copying existing code and modifying it, but I kept putting the project off. In retrospect I probably felt the app wasn’t exciting enough to bother with. Once I finished the “No Nonsense Picture Viewer” app, I wanted to get back into the histogram game… but had the idea of turning it into a general picture rating game instead. That meant coming up with various new ways to rate a photograph. I came up with quite a few new ways to analyze a photo and merged it with some existing visual content (the ninja graphics) I had from a past project. The concept of histogram is still a big part in how the application analyses data, but there is quite a bit more than just that!

Android Market Link:

This is my first FREE (admob advertisements in the app with optional donation links), so I’m hoping that the application is interesting enough to entice a large audience. 🙂

Demonstration Video (Youtube):

This is the demonstration video for the DSLRNinja Rate My Picture Game that works on Android Devices.

App description:

This is the FREE Advertisement supported & donation (completely optional) supported version of the DSLRNinja Rate My Picture Game.

The “DSLR Ninja” checks out your photographs and gives you helpful information about the properties:
– Picture format
– Exposure
– Clipping
– Overall Exposure
– Rule of 3rds Sharpness
– Dynamic Range
– Red, Green, and Blue exposure with clipping
– 4×6 printing size
– Compression level
– Color and averages
– People (faces)

It also rates your photos based on what it considers good from those given properties it checks.

It’s a fun and helpful app that is good for novices and skilled photographers alike.

Thanks, I hope you check it out if you have an Android device to try it on.