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Anderson Japanese Garden Excursion (with cosplay)

A friend of mine set up a meetup at a local garden. We had initially intended to have this meetup focus on cosplay photography, but as things work out often in Rockford, only one cosplayer was able to make it. The largest issue being that most people in the convention scene live in the Chicago area. I’ll admit it is difficult sometimes making the 90 mile trip to the Chicago area for conventions and other events, so it’s understandable. The girl cosplaying is a character from the popular Sailor Moon (a show and manga target toward girls and women).

Here are a few highlights of the excursion:

My equipment for the day:
K-01 with the FA* 24mm f2 lens
K-5 with the FA* 85mm f1.4 lens
Promaster circular polarizer (for a few photos)
In a few photos I used pop-up flash and my friend’s single add-on strobe with YongNuo RF triggers. For post processing I do my normal tweaks in Adobe Camera Raw, but with a few extras. With such strong sun, it is helpful to use the adjustment brush and spot removal tool to minimize dark shadows under peoples’ eyes. Along with that I did modify some selective areas with the targeted adjustment tool (mostly areas that were too exposed for my liking).