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SoyCon 5 photos (2012)

What is SoyCon? (taken from their website):

SoyCon is a 2-day annual cosplay gathering event full of food, photos, and fun. This event is the best way for everyone to come out and socialize with fans alike. There’s also events for attendees to participate in. Events such as roleplay battles, costume contest, and a variety acts show. Come on down to SoyCon: The Largest Cosplay Gathering of The Midwest!

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Here are a few highlight photos:

Equipment and techniques:
I was using the K-01 with the 24mm f2 lens and the K-5 with the 85mm f1.4 lens. For whatever reason I had quite a few back focused images with the K-01+24mm and some front focused images with the K-5+85mm. It’s too bad because some of the images with focus issues would have been nice framing and content wise. I’m not sure if it was the general lighting conditions or something else, because I don’t remember having focus issues with the K-5+85mm combo in the past. I might have to look into that and see if I can adjust it a bit. The K-01 on the other hand, I have experienced some issues with that and it isn’t something I can fix, because it doesn’t have focus adjustment (it is contrast detection AF, not phase detection). I might have to try using manual focus and peaking with the K-01 if I can’t get more consistent AF results by modifying my technique. I’m also hoping Pentax comes out with a firmware update for the K-01 to improve the overall function of the camera (it is still on v1.0). I didn’t use any flash this time. After seeing the results, I can’t say I really needed it either. My post processing really didn’t change that much from when I use flash, except most likely additional fill light added to better equalize foreground and background exposure. I’ll be looking forward to see what the other photographers managed to achieve.