First Person Excursion Videos on Youtube

I’ve started making “first person” style excursion videos. Basically what I do is take a camera and lens combo with me as I explore a place and also get some much needed exercise. I record as normal with the camera such that you see what I see instead of the camera facing me. I try to add some commentary to the videos, which often is my opinion or comments on the equipment I’m using. I’ll try to mix things up even more in the future to make things as interesting as possible. The major benefit to these videos is that they are great motivation to get out and do things to stay healthy and just enjoy the simple things in life.

The most recent video:

That video was taken at Rock Cut with the 10-17mm fisheye lens and K-01 camera. It’s a great combo for videos and I’d like to use the fisheye more often for that purpose. I’m sure the fisheye look doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I personally like it.

My second video:

That video was taken with the Pentax 24mm f2 lens at a large park in Rolling Meadows Illinois. I was waiting for an event I was attending, so it seemed like a great opportunity to make some site content while I enjoyed the scenery.

My first video

This one was taken at the same place as the most recent video, but with the 24mm lens and in different areas of the park.