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Nikon D600: An outing to Rockcut State Park

I recently finished acquiring all of the decided upon replacement gear after selling off my entire Pentax tool set. Although there were various reasons, the main was to go “full frame” with the Nikon D600 as my main camera (D7000 being my second). The D600 is lacking in some aspects such as maximum shutter and flash sync speeds, but besides that it is a very solid camera specification wise. The added benefit is that it isn’t too much larger than the D7000, so whatever type of bag I can fit the D7000 in, I will at least have a good chance of fitting the D600 in there too.


I received the camera on the 12th and have just started getting use to it. The transition is pretty easy considering control and function are similar to the D7000. There are a few odd quirks like some changes to button placement, but for the most part, very similar. I’ll probably start compiling a list of positives and negatives for a future review of the camera. Which reminds me, I still haven’t done one for the D7000 either.

Here is my related Youtube video:

Having that large sensor is fantastic. I don’t have to care about crop factors or feel cramped with wide angle lenses. The 20mm perspective is pretty great on the full-frame camera.

I did quite a lot of walking and photo taking (boy do I need and like the exercise…). Probably quite a few hours in total. I used the camera with the 20, 50, and 85mm lenses as well as some wireless flash.

Here are a few photos:

p1331380298-2 p1331394560-2
p1331396094-2 p1331402182-2

So far so good! Tools don’t make the photographer, but quality tools help me achieve my goals and vision. This direction feels pretty solid.