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That was awkward…

Note to self, don’t agree to be an “extra” for a person’s video job that you barely know. The training video extra might turn out to be you being cast as the past abuser in a mock trial. Technically it appeared to be the judge going over having the restraining order released. Writing this out now so I remember it happened, and to make it public on my social media incase the training video somehow surfaces years into the future. I’ll have posts about it to bring up… An awkward situation all around. :/

On a different note, I was able to pick up a discounted Sony Alpha A6000, so expect more content on that camera! I couldn’t pass up the clearance price considering used prices like KEH are around double that. It’s a good reminder to check out your local big box stores like Target every so often to see if any of their camera gear is on clearance.

Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera:
Best Buy:

I do have an older video about the A6000 filmed at the camera shop:

In this case I looked at the graphite version.

Besides taking it out for the usual photography walk videos I’ll probably do a comparison to the Canon EOS M50. I might even look to see if I can get a hold of any e-mount glass besides the kit lens.

All of my past experience with Sony cameras has been relatively short periods of time, so taking a deeper look into this camera will be interesting.