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DPReview questioned Canon about EF-M

DPReview talked with Go Tokura (Chief Executive of Canon). The vast majority of the interview was about RF, but I do think there were a few interesting mentions of EOS M and online video content creators.

Let’s start with the two obvious mentions about the EF-M system:

Will the RF mount grow to incorporate APS-C format cameras? Or are you committed to the separate EF-M mount for APS-C?

We can’t comment on specific plans, but APS-C size cameras are popular due to their size, weight and telephoto range advantages compared to full-frame cameras. We will listen to customers’ opinion and consider possible options.

That sounds like confirmation they are considering putting a high density APS-C sensor camera into the RF system. I don’t quite get it unless there is a real technical benefit of that compared to a high density full-frame sensor that can read out the cropped area quickly. I’d personally rather have a slow 100mp full-frame camera with a fast crop mode compared to an APS-C RF camera that’s fast but with limited application. Maybe production cost is a major factor to a high density full-frame sensor.

On the other hand, it could have been a hint at a decent native telephoto lens coming to the EF-M system. That’s definitely a lens the system could use.

What market are you hoping to attract in the long-term with your EOS M range of cameras?

EOS M series cameras are popular with users who prefer compact and lightweight models. Many professional and enthusiast photographers use them as sub cameras. We will continue to promote the EOS M-series cameras as a means of meeting diverse needs.

Mr. Tokura mentions that professionals and enthusiasts actually use EF-M, which is interesting. Considering the context of the question maybe they want to grow that market more. That does seem hopeful they will continue to add more advanced technologies to EF-M in an attempt to cater to the enthusiast group in addition to the obvious entry level users. That said, it still feels like a non-answer. At the very least “continue” should mean something.

Online video content creators and streamers were mentioned a few times by Mr. Tokura:

For users who prioritize video shooting such as YouTubers and vloggers, we plan to provide products that facilitate comfortable shooting and streaming workflows.

Many vloggers and YouTubers use EOS or PowerShot G series cameras

and these cameras have also seen demand from YouTubers and vloggers. We are closely monitoring the changing needs of consumers and are discussing changes to product lineups as needed.

While some of that referred to their G series Powershot cameras with fixed lenses, it’s at least possible they were also referring to EF-M considering they mentioned “EOS”.

That’s one of my hopes for EF-M is that they try to embrace the mixture of hybrid photography and videography in these cameras. I talked a lot about that in a previous article.

I don’t even think it would take much to at least embrace that idea in EF-M cameras. Remove the artificial ~30 minutes per video clip limiter. Make sure audio levels are visible while recording. Those two simple changes would be a start without physical changes to the cameras. I wouldn’t expect Canon to update firmware in current models, but maybe the next one…

At the very least EF-M gets a “continue to promote” from Canon.

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