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2023 Camera Industry Predictions!

Let’s talk about what could happen in 2023 from the main camera and lens companies. I try to predict releases, but a lot of it is more of hoping things happen, lol. Let me know in the comments what you expect to be released in 2023 then we can compare notes throughout the year.

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Here are my notes I wrote up before filming the video…

  • Canon
    • Integration of EF-M into RF mount. We’ve seen a drop in price on existing EF-M gear. I’d expect to see them repackage additional EF-M glass into the new mount. 
    • Will they continue to fight 3rd party lens makers or let at least Sigma and Tamron in?
  • DJI
    • Will they get more into the camera industry? Drones seem somewhat niche and restricted by laws.
  • Fujifilm
    • Where can they go from the X-H2 series? 
    • Hoping for a refresh of the X100 series.
    • Could they release another camera aimed at the Ricoh GR or are they done?
    • I don’t follow Fujifilm so I’m not sure where they will go with their APS-C lineup. Hopefully they can get that fast readout sensor into more models of camera. 
  • GoPro
    • A refresh of their 360 degree camera.
    • What could the GoPro 12 even add at this point? 
  • Insta 360
    • Hopefully they create a 1″ camera in a fully integrated body instead of pieces. 
  • Nikon
    • More openness to 3rd party lenses? Let’s hope. They seem more likely to do it than Canon.
    • Hopefully another step in autofocus performance. 
    • A refresh of their Z50, Z5, Z6, and Z7 cameras. 
    • I personally want a more advanced Z30 styled camera with h.265, sensor stabilization, dual SD card slots, and other features.
  • OM Systems
    • More camera refreshes? More lenses? Tough for them to follow up on the OM-1. 
  • Panasonic
    • A camera with phase detect autofocus…
  • Ricoh Pentax
    • A new GR camera with weather resistance. I want this…
    • A new 360 degree camera or refresh of the top-end model.
    • Maybe.. maybe.. a refresh of the K-1. I wouldn’t expect much. 
  • Sigma
    • Lenses for Nikon Z.
    • More lenses for E-mount, Fujifilm X, etc…
    • Feels unlikely we’ll see a Foveon camera. Maybe a refresh of the FP camera line. Sigma needs a faster readout sensor to make the no mechanical shutter thing work.   
  • Sony
    • An APS-C camera line-up refresh based on the sensor in the FX30.
    • More lenses and such. 
    • Will we get an actual vlogging camera from them or more half-assed attempts? It would need IBIS and a fast readout sensor. 
  • Tamron
    • More lenses…

Transcript from the video:

2023 camera industry predictions!
At least the camera companies  
that I pay any attention to.
First off Canon, clearly something that’s  
going to happen it’s very obvious to me at least 
to this point EF-M EOS M is likely going away. 
I like that mount I have two 
M6 Mark IIs at the moment. 
Technically one is was sent to Canon 
because it had a weird thing… 
I use them for video a lot 
of time also photography. 
Nice cameras, they’re compact.. they do the job.
Obviously their RF mount, they will  
continue to advance it.
Add new cameras they have,  
R6 Mark II, something like that?
I don’t even barely pay attention  
to them with their RF mount stuff.
Clearly they’re gonna just  
have the one mount to rule them all.
At the very least hopefully Sigma and Tamron  
are able to make RF mount lenses, who knows!
I think Canon might get the picture that it’s  
really bad idea to fully block 
everyone out of your mount. 
Next up DJI I haven’t really had 
any big interest in using a drone. 
Maybe they’ll make new drones who knows 
but more so on the video side they’ve  
been getting into video tools.
I think more expensive stuff. 
I could see them definitely going harder 
into video stuff because drones have so  
much legal hassles related to them.
I could see them doing more action  
camera stuff, or like gimbal thingamajigs, yeah!
Next up Fujifilm, I really like the X100 series,  
but then didn’t do enough of what I wanted to use 
it for at the time. I eventually sold the X100F. 
They have their aps-c mount stuff.
It doesn’t personally appeal to me that much,  
nice design… I mean if you want that 
aesthetic… physical body aesthetic. 
Although they’ve been changing 
that up as well, go for it! 
But I don’t really have any 
great predictions for them. 
So Ricoh’s GR camera, hopefully Fujifilm gets 
back into that it makes a similar camera. 
So that there are more options with that 
style of very compact large sensor camera. 
GoPro is an enigma!
Every year they make a new one. 
It’s very similar to the other ones but it 
has some benefits I wouldn’t mind the 11. 
I have the 9, it’s been working very well for me.
I do a lot of point of view style  
photography videos.
Having that on the camera. 
Have it on my chest and a backpack, works nicely!
I don’t think they’re going away. 
They have their place,
They have their purpose… it’s just,  
uhh, where do they go from where they are now?
I do think they might release a new 360 degree  
camera and we’ll probably see a refresh of 
the GoPro with who knows what at this point. 
Nikon Nikon Nikon! I’m not on the list I hate 
pop-ups please Nikon please don’t do pop-ups. 
It is nice that they have let some third 
parties or they don’t stop third parties  
from making lenses for the Z mount.
I could see that being a big benefit. 
Of course to probably release new lenses.
They’re going to refresh the Z6  
and Z7 most likely.
Maybe the Z5 we’ll see. 
Hopefully they do a Z30 but better.
The current Z30 not so much… I want h.265. 
Space savings is a huge deal for me 
trying to save all my old projects. 
It has very quickly!
Maybe they’ll make  
a full-frame version of the zfc.
Really depends on how successful it was. 
I honestly don’t know.
My knowledge of micro four thirds is very limited. 
I haven’t used these cameras, 
but I’ll make an attempt. 
The om-1 looks very appealing.
Even their previous ones with  
Olympus the EM-1 series…
Oh, “we are the Dark Horse!” 
They are the “Dark Horse” of 
photography. That’s great! 
Oh this is good this is good.
Olympus please this isn’t really prediction but  
please make a tough camera with a larger sensor.
It would be very cool! 
You’re the one camera company that makes 
a decent-ish waterproof camera these days. 
Oh I have this recorder!
It’s very nice. 
I do actually have a Olympus thing.
I don’t know, I thought they stopped  
selling these. but uhh.. LS-P4.
The LS-P4, it encodes it does F.L.A.C.  
FLAC encoding for audio.
You do cool stuff. 
Waterproof water resistant cameras, neat!
I would love to try your stuff out if you  
ever watch my videos please send me stuff.
Panasonic is another camera company that I  
have not used any of their stuff 
from as far as I can remember. 
They’ve refreshed their cameras quite a bit.
Uhh what could they do? 
Autofocus! Phase detect autofocus Panasonic.
That’s what you’re gonna do in 2023, Isn’t it? 
It’s tough to say where they’re 
gonna go from the G-H6 series. 
Maybe they’ll make a phase detect version, 
but it feels kind of unlikely considering  
they just refreshed those cameras.
I could definitely see them pushing  
more into full frame and then having 
a phase detect full-frame camera. 
Ricoh Pentax! Will they change the 
K-1 or will they just like repackage  
it such as they did with the K70?
Actually their main focus is probably  
going to be on the GR series, which is good.
I would personally love to have a GR camera. 
Ricoh you know if you want to send me 
one to try out that would be great! 
Hopefully 2023 GR water resistant camera.
Ricoh you can do it! And maybe  
they’ll refresh the K-1 somehow.
I think they could put a larger viewfinder  
in like they did with their aps-c K-3 Mark III.
645 series I don’t even know if they have the  
resources to do anything with that?
Maybe they’ll refresh one of those  
like legitimately do it instead of repackaging 
the same camera over and over and over again. 
Sigma 2023 new lenses.
Maybe RF Mount lenses? 
We’re going to see Z lenses most likely.
More Sony stuff of course a lot more Sony stuff. 
I don’t know any specific 
lenses focal lengths no idea. 
But on the camera side maybe they’ll 
refresh the FP with a new sensor. 
I really think they need to do that considering 
it doesn’t have a mechanical shutter. 
They put a fast readout sensor in an FP 
camera… I think they’re gonna have a good time. 
I feel like it’s unlikely we’ll see 
the Foveon camera come out in 2023. 
Sony, I think they’re gonna do quite a bit.
With the FX30 feels pretty clear that they’re  
going to make photography versions at 
least one using that newer sensor for  
our entire e-mount aps-c.
I saw some YouTubers in  
Japan… for something!
The question is what? 
Was it Sony was it a different camera company?
Was it something totally unrelated, who knows? 
I honestly don’t know.
Full frame, I don’t pay  
too much attention to their full-frame stuff.
Maybe Sony will refresh their highest of the  
high end line, was it the A1 series?
Sony if you want to send me stuff. 
Hopefully they refresh the 
ZV-E10 with the newer sensor. 
Sony likely is going to get bigger and 
bigger, unless Canon gets act together. 
Yeah, I have no idea what focal lengths 
Tamron is going to release who knows. 
More Sony lenses obviously.
Likely more z-mount lenses, which is great! 
I generally hope that sensor technology advances 
in 2023 so we get higher faster readout sensors  
over the range of cameras.
That way smaller cameras  
can do away with the mechanical shutter.
Saves on costs and is better in many ways,  
but might have some downsides depending.
Makes the camera smaller most likely  
and cheaper, but probably not cheaper probably 
more expensive but then they make more profit. 
That’s usually how it goes 
or seems to go these days.