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No 3rd party autofocus Canon RF lenses?

Lens options in a camera mount is something I think is worth considering if you are switching from a DSLR mount or changing between mirrorless mounts. Canon stopped Viltrox from selling RF mount lenses. Probably Samyang and Yongnuo as well? We also haven’t yet seen Tamron and Sigma release RF mount glass. Is this going to be the case for years, or will Canon loosen their grip? I sure hope they do for the sake of people in the RF mount and others considering it. Right now Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, MFT, and maybe L-mount seem like smarter options unless Canon already covers what you need.

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Video transcription:

3rd party lenses and the Canon RF mount.
For example, the Canon EF-M mount…
Here’s the M6 Mark II with the Sigma 56mm.
This is not on the RF mount, but there are APS-C cameras on RF now…
Here’s a Viltrox 33mm.
Viltrox is continuously improving.
They have a lot of interesting focal lengths now, and they were the ones that Canon forced out of the RF mount.
So the question is, was it just Viltrox… was it some other reason?
Also, I’ve got this that I need to make a video on.
Chances are these will be on the RF mount, this type of stuff…
Because it’s fully manual.
Obviously we don’t have numbers to say it’s good business wise for Canon to have 3rd party lenses on their mount.
At least from the perspective of a photographer or videographer, having more options is great!
Actually, let’s look at Nikon’s mount and see what 3rd parties exist on Nikon…
I think they’re taking a better approach.
A mix with some of Tamron’s lenses basically repackaged as Nikon lenses.
Which I think is fine.
It might be a little bit more expensive, but you get good.. like 100% functionality in that case.
So you’ve got Yongnuo, Viltrox, TTArtisan… they have an autofocus lens? Tamron…
No Sigma!
But yeah, the common Viltrox 56, 33, and then ahh 23.
But I guess they even have more of them on here.
The 24, 35, 33… wow!
Yongnuo 85.. that one…
Well, I can.. I can check with Canon and see if they blocked everything.
Canon used to get all the 3rd party accessories before all of the other companies with EF mount…
So I just selected RF mount, regardless you can see there are 3rd parties but these are most likely manual focus options.
So here is what we’ve got.
We have a Sigma EF mount lens with an adapter included as a kit…
So people are resorting to buying a Sigma lens with an adapter just to get it functional?
Same thing here with a 150-600…
And then Yongnuo 35 f/2 RF mount but it’s backordered.
So I would not be surprised if Canon had gone after them as well to prevent them from, ahh, actually selling these lenses.
For example, let’s see how many autofocus lenses are on e-mount.
Rokinon, Samyang.. are the same company I think.
Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Viltrox, Yongnuo, Zeiss…
I think it’s an important consideration if there are 3rd party lenses and other accessories on a certain mount that you’re considering.
If you’re going from a DSLR… either Canon or whatever else…
Check that out and make sure that all of the focal lengths that you want are available.
Or will be available relatively soon if you need them.
And also check other accessories like flash, wireless triggers… make sure that they work on these newer systems.
But the biggest thing as I’ve been talking about is lenses!
3rd party makers do fit a niche in many situations.
Sometimes they even have focal lengths.. different features that aren’t available at all with the 1st party makers.
So I definitely consider that when I’m at systems.
I think you should as well.