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How to get photos from an old or cheap camera to your phone.

I’ve had multiple comments on my videos recently asking me how to get photos from old cameras, or more recent cheaper cameras that don’t support connecting wirelessly to a smartphone. There are various ways to do it, but here I’ll cover the few I tend to use. Here’s a link to the combo USB memory […]

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Photography Basics: Shutter Speed

Here are some basics about shutter speed along with two tips at the end that might help you when using manual control of your camera. I show various examples of how shutter speed in the camera applies to photographs. I also talk about the reciprocal rule. Keep in mind this video was made back in […]

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DSLR Camera Lens Basics

If you own a Digital SLR camera, but have yet to buy a lens besides the one that came with the camera, you are missing out. In this article and video, I will go over a few lenses that you might find interesting to get more fun and quality out of your DSLR. What photography […]